Sunday, April 21, 2013

Heebee Post #981 - XX Jones - Vienna - Austria

 A daring "Mail Art Rescue" mission underway through the apocalyptic storm of modern society.  You know, I think I may have received this from Sigrid just in time!  I love the cataclysmic vibrancy of the clouds - like the background of a Michelangelo painting.  The tortured atmosphere is oddly beautiful - as if she ( I assume XX is piloting the 'copter) is entering a parallel dimension! She must have sensed my Mail Art cries for help!  This large development is 17" x 11" and gorgeously dangerous looking.                                      

I really like this "High Concept" rubber stamping.  Mail Art is at it's best when a "Cerebral Sacrifice" is made. Similar to Keith Buchholz's description of himself as a "Concept Wrangler".                        

 Another feature on the "Rescue" creation is this brilliant little Artistamp by XX.  The strangely decorated ship is to make it unidentifiable at sea - "The Adapter Pattern" was created to create an optical bizzareness that would be confusing to any enemy it might encounter.

I found this photo of the French Cruiser "Gloire" in a 1945 "Science Illustrated" magazine.   This was the  first major vessel to use the Adapter Pattern.
 Heebee Jeebeeland is quite delighted to find XX back in the 4th Dimension.  I really enjoy the spirit in which she capriciously creates. Thanks very much Sigrid and see ya in the mail.
I couldn't resist showing this Artistamp from XX - It's Felix rhe Cat!
"Felix the Cat
The wonderful, wonderful Cat.
Whenever he gets in a fix
He reaches out for his bag of tricks".
This TV show came out in 1960 and I was absolutely enchanted by him as a child. Thanks for the memory Sigrid!

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