Monday, April 15, 2013

Heebee Post #977 - Fleur Helsingor - Oakland, California - USA

 I'm not really certain as to what Fleur has created here. It  has the curious appeal of a Thrift Store full of interesting  books, old vinyl records, artwork and other items of coolness that every household requires.  I would love to peruse through the treasured aisles of this mystery establishment.

Fleur left this indication of the store's unfortunate fate, on the reverse side of the "Groovy" Thrift Store  postcard.  Ah well.........    
This friendly decorated blue envelope has an IUOMA stamp I haven't seen before.(there are so many now!).  Thank you very much Fleur - Sure was nice to do some window shopping in your  "Curiousity Shop".card. Want to know more about this intrepidly versatile artist? Check here: Fleur's place

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