Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Heebee Post #978 - Otto D Sherman - New York, New York - USA

 I love Otto's "First Day of Issue" official 'Otto Postage' envelopes.  Is the First Day of Issue just the artistamps seen on the outside or is it for all the stamps found within? See below.
 A handsome set of Philatelic wonders by the notorious "Stamp Man". Vivid colors and sharp images are of a grand quality. Note: The entire set is composed of politicians, with the exception of Colonel Gadhafi and and the Pope twins.
 Otto and the Queen?  Is there nothing this Artist can't do? The royal seal made me smile - good show!
 The front and back of a second envelope bearing the "First Day of Issue" title.  Interesting Papal antics - One might think 'irreverent' but, I think Otto's just having fun.
 This stout fellow would have fit into the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" with his stunning outfit of medals, jewels, and awards.
 The "Poste Vaticane" series continues with these two majestic images of the Pope. This pair of Popes are my favorites of the current batch Otto has created.

Stamp Man Products by Otto. Nice sign.

 These three outlandish War Lords are just awesome to behold.  Each one possesses character that just oozes out of their image. Other worldly and beautifully strange.
I thought a closer look at one of these gentlemen was warranted.  What a fantastic outfit! Gotta hand it to Otto - he could have a whole new career in fashion design!  Thank you very much dear Otto. I've thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful Artistamp rampage! Be seeing you quite soon in the mail old boy!  Otto Art website.

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