Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Heebee Post #985 - Grigori Antonin - Minneapolis, Minnesota - USA

 The Erni Bar Fan Club is an appreciation for the genius of German Artist Erni Bar.  Apparently, there are a lot of things regarding Erni that no one knew about - like international film star status, proven by his star on Hollywood Blvd,  photographed by the humorous long time mail artist Grigori Antonin; who likes to promote the adoration of the Erni Bar legend.

These days, it is impossible to mention Grigori without discussing the inimitable Erni Bar, since he is so active in the "Fan Club" antics.  Here, on the left, is the handsome Bar incorporated into a toothbrush holder. Actually, the wall behind the sculpture is pretty interesting as well.  Not familiar with Erni Bar, or perhaps you might want to know more regarding this incredible Beatnik-ish, junk media artist? Check here: Erni Bar website. And if you would like to, the Erni Bar Fan Club discussions are a gas to read. Careful, you can become addicted to Erni Bar and the folks that comprise the fan club - a lot of fun guaranteed!
 Yes, that shadowed photographer is Grigori "Enjoying the sun". Great card old boy - I love all things Erni too.  I sent something to you a few days ago Grigori - hope you enjoy it. Love the card!

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