Friday, May 10, 2013

Heebee Post #989 - PC (TIC TAC) - Starnberg - Germany

 Patrizia turns in a new look for an old theme - the monkey's faces taking on their virtues - in the Subway, of course!  I'm posting this after finding it amidst a pile of mail art debris on my art bench. Sorry PC. but here it is, in full glory! I found a few others folks so, if you haven't seen your postal masterpiece after carefully sending it to me, I assure you it shall be posted in, hopefully, a timely manner for all to revel in!
 The reverse side of the 'Simian Trio' card contains an invitation for her new project (see below). I love PC's address label - her style is charmingly bold.
 I hadn't realized at first, but this composition is a rethinking of the three monkeys previously seen. Hear not, see not, say not.
 This is the Mail Art project I had mentioned from above. "Zine in a Box" - PC is a very clever artist and always has a propensity for having fun. Anybody participating in her projects can attest to that. For more info on this: Tic Tac site,
 The sturdy envelope that carried everything has a usual array of PC's characteristic business of rubber stamping - and then I saw this.....

I thought I should show PC's rubber stamping of the two stretcher bearers carrying an interesting symbol of some sort.  Then compare it to the two  fellows in the faux postage I made.  Same exact image!  I ripped mine from a 1953 Thorndike and Barnhart Beginning Dictionary.  I wonder where her's came from?  Thank you so much Patrizia, I am enjoying your work always. See you in the mail!


  1. thanks dear Test for your always kind comments, great fun to read you! the stretcher-bearers is a rubber stamp a good mail art friend sent me!

  2. Thanks for the note Patrizia - Isn't it interesting that the stretcher bearers resurfaced after half a century? Further prove of the opinion that "It's a small world"!
    Note: And it is a small world - that is until you lose your wallet!