Sunday, May 26, 2013

Heebee Post #998 - Eduardo ZenDada Cardoso - Sines - Portugal

At rest while at play, Eduardo's : "Numerical State of Silence" seems to be a mechanism of the darkness ( the "Negativity Zone") subduing the business of fruitful activity and happiness - The exact opposite expectation of evolution.  A succinct observation of  mediocrity or even depression. I think what Eddie is saying here, by virtue of displaying the dark side so prominently is to, as Todd Rundgren used to say,  "Add a little sparkle while we're here!". Yes folks, ZenDada strikes again!  
Eddie's handsomely decorated paranormal envelope has a distinct inter-dimensional flavor to it. The rubber stamping of the petulant Yeti (Bigfoot) has been appearing on Eduardo's envelopes for sometime and still feels freshly strange and spirit filled.  A great envelope!
Eduardo included the "actual" snap of the creature in question. I, by the way,  live in "Bigfoot Country" - Similar stories from around the world about giant and elusive ape-like humans include the Yeren of China, the Yeti of the Himalaya mountains, the Yowie of Australia and the Mapinguari of South America. In December 2002 Ray Wallace of Centralia, Washington died and his family claimed that Ray started Bigfoot frenzy in 1958 when he left behind giant footprints (made with special shoes carved from alder wood) near a logging site as a practical joke.  But, who can know for sure? Thank you for the terrific mail art Eduardo - See you in the mail.

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