Thursday, May 9, 2013

Heebee Post #988 - Nicole Kostic - Toledo, Ohio - USA

 My, oh, my! That is some pretty brutal "Alien Probe evidence"! Nicole rejoins the ranks of the 4th Dimension with this depiction of , well.....I suppose, friendly reader, that you will have to determine what exactly is going on here. This first of three postcards received  is a gas!

  I like the thought of Nicole's ethereal kiss coupled with her sexy "Thinking of you from the 4th Dimension". Romantic and strange - a combo that is almost always a winner! Note:  That sweet mush is not a rubber stamp! And yes, I'm smiling, thinking about it!
  I like Nicole's colorful 'Life in the Cretaceous' postcard - Colors are strikingly vibrant against the stark white of the background.  The plants are almost as monstrous as the beast!
 Sorry to learn of your "Glue Stick withdrawal" status. Maybe you should have "stuck with it"! Heh-heh.
 The "Evil Dog" looks almost angelic with his innocent demeanor in this, the third card of a set of three. One never knows. Anyway, nice name for entrepreneurial purposes.
Very nice to have you back Nicole - Also, I couldn't help but to notice that you, dear girl,  are the 100th Heebee Jeebee follower of this peculiar blog. Yay! Hooray! I'm sending something special - see you in the mail Nicole and thank you very much!

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