Sunday, May 5, 2013

Heebee Post #987 - Roland Halbritter - Nudlingen - Germany

 Roland's humorous outlook on the state of humanity; where Love is easily marketable by virtue of modern technology. An interesting notion - I wonder how that would work? What I really want to remark about is the exquisite execution of perforation. In fact, perfect perforation. I am very curious about how he achieved this as well as envious. Please let me know Roland - Great stamps!
Is it possible dear Roland has remained in Bavaria (Bayern, as indicated by the card), at some kind of rejuvenating health spa?  I hope you are well Roland and able to enjoy the luscious Springtime.  I can understand your reluctance to leave Bavaria - it must be quite beautiful there. Wish you the best my friend and shall be visiting you in the post shortly. Thanks. Roland Halbritter Mail Art.

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