Thursday, May 23, 2013

Heebee Post #997 - Dorian Ribas Marinho - Florianopolis, Santa Catarina Island - Brazil

 Dorian nicely illustrates one of the odd urban legends that used to confound  a lot of folks: Plumbers kind of lead secret lives since they are most often out of sight in the basement, under the building or just being alone in a kitchen or bathroom. In any event, Plumbers know things unto themselves that are rarely shared with other professions.  For example, the unusual wrenches seen above are special tools only a hearty plumber would own. Ever heard of "Egyptian torque"? - These wrenches can deliver an incredible amount of  force. Now everybody knows - Doesn't matter, no one believes in Egyptian torque anyway!
 The second of a set of four works - each printed onto a peel off sticker.  Is the Professor using a Rapidograph pen to accomplish these.? Can't quite tell, but the prints are nicely done - Looks like somebody will not be able to forget whatever he is trying to remember

This altered snap of the Artist was also included in the package.

 The above piece is somehow making me long for the sunny days of summer.
 Dorian's" Sea Portals" is a perspective skewing, Escher-like print that I would love to walk through into an oceanic bliss.
Thank you very much Dorian - I am enjoying your works and am looking forward to future exchanges. See you in the mail!.

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