Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Heebee Post #991 - J.Block - Bridgewater, Massachusetts - USA

 This stunningly gorgeous panel by Mail Artist J. Block is nothing short of an adventure for armchair traveling eyes. Various scraps that seem to somehow undulate, compose a perfect atmosphere for the burst of dream-like vision that resides comfortably in a sea of a pandemonium of reasons. This will sure get your eyeballs talking to your brain! A splendid 4th Dimensional spectacle!
 The other corresponding panel that composes the inside of the folding card is this powerful but hapless sex-bomb in the midst of a recoiling crowd that seems to be shunning the beauty - much to the contrast of their curious minds. Perhaps it might be labeled "Witch Hunt" in a sort of bitter irony.

 This is the outside of the card unfolded - a beautiful package that maintains the artist's sense of wonder and exploration. A super job of it too!

This lovely NYC Graffiti artistamp, seen above on the left, is from a series that I seem to find all over the place lately. I am not sure of their origin but, I would like to be. If anybody could advise me about who is making these, please let me (and everyone else) know. I am quite curious.

This is J. Block's debut, here in the 4th, and I really must say, splendid job old boy (or is it girl?).  Also, I would love to send something in return, although the return address isn't quite clear enough for me - So, J.Block, please leave your 'addy' in my email or as a comment here - Okay? This little lovely deserves a reciprocation - wouldn't you agree?  See ya in the mail!
*Next Day Post Script:  Hey, I figured out your address J. - so nevermind that last part and  stand by for mail art!

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