Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Heebee Post# 1081 - Eric Bruth - Montrouge - France

 It is interestingly ironic that I should be posting this "Year of the Horse" postcard, when just down the road from here, the mighty Seattle Seahawks  football team is having a glorious parade to celebrate their victory over the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl last Sunday. Folks started amassing in downtown Seattle at 4:00AM at 19 degrees outside. A crowd of monstrous proportions will be there by 11:00AM  when the parade commences. My son, Ben, will be in attendance and I am sure he will be voiceless (the "12th Man" just may be the loudest crowd in the world!), at the conclusion of the festive occasion. It is chilly out but, at  least the sky is a clear fierce blue for a fine day anyway! Go Seahawks!
A good 2014 to you too Eric! Thank you for the card. I must admit that the header of Heebee Jeebeeland is my entry to Eric's "We Are Not Alone" mail call last year. I came to like the idea so much, I decided toalso use it myself. Thanks again Eric and see you soon in the mail.

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