Sunday, February 9, 2014

Heebee Post #1082 - Herman Kamphius - Amsterdam - The Netherlands

 "Postal Voyager" extraordinaire, Herman Kamphuis sends in this stunning, double winter postcard ensemble that is fabulously manufactured by the celebrated mail artist. The large card (9" x 6.5") is spellbinding when seen firsthand. The parallel winter wonderlands, atop a swirling psychedelic backfield, compels you into Herman's unique domain. Great job (as usual).
This solemn march across a troubled terrain gives this viewer an odd sense of doom. The poignant postcard is first rate construction and not too many artists can claim such well made product technique. Like I have mentioned - seen in person, the card is a brilliant "Take me away" gas! Thank you Herman, I'll be responding accordingly when I return from San Francisco (XPO). See you then old boy!

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