Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Heebee Post #1085 - Rebecca Kohn (The Book Charmer) - Mountain View, California - USA

 I had the pleasure of making Rebecca's acquaintance in San Francisco at the XPF Expo and she was kind enough to send this bustling profile of California postcard as a happy greeting and a thanks for the XPF "Pacifica, Goddess of the Barbary Coast", commemorative magnet I gave to her at the wildly popular show last week.
"The Book Charmer" does suit Rebecca quite well as she is an Author and Librarian of Art and Design at San Jose University, among plenty of other brilliant things. I do find it heart warming to know those magnets will be on some very creative folk's refrigerators. Rebecca's intriguing books can be found here: The Guilded Chamber / Seven Days to the Sea.  . And her charged up and enthusiastic blog: The Book Charmer. Thank you very much Rebecca and I am looking forward to reading those two books (they both look and feel delicious!). I'm sending a card off to you later this morning - see ya in the mail!

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