Monday, April 6, 2009

Heebee Post #54 -Jennie Hinchcliff - San Francisco, CA - USA

A 4-D Dream Activity Card is given to each Island guest as part of a gift pack upon their arrival to the Island.  These souvenir cards, such as the one seen here, are placed under the guests pillow before falling asleep. The card will evolve into an interesting piece of personal art and dreamy memories. These wonderful cards, available only in the 4th Dimension, will be a great conversation piece for years to come back in the 3-D reality world.
Yes, the Scouts are here! There are some fantastic Island camping sites exclusively reserved for Boy and Girl Scouts. Please consider Heebee Jeebee Island for your local Troop as it just may be the highlight of their young lives and something they will never forget. Thank you Jennie for this gorgeous postcard. A really cool piece of Mail Art from a very cool person. You can find Scout Girl Hinchcliff here: 

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