Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Heebee Post #68 - Peter Dowker - Lac-Brome, Quebec - Canada

If you take a leisurely stroll along the 4th Dimensional beaches early in the morning, you may find some peculiar prints that look rather sinister. Not to worry. Tracks like these are often made by the nocturnal tribesmen that roam the jungle floor from dusk until dawn. These 4-D natives are shy and harmless and only wish to be left alone.
Here we see some merry-making Island visitors having some wonderful family fun on and off of the Heebee shores. As Peter points out "they need some flip flops" and indeed they do as their shoes fill uncomfortably with 4-D sand. Thank you so much for another superb post card my friend. If you are interested, Peter conducts quite a Flip Flop Mail Art show here:

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