Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Heebee Post #63 - Ed Buddz B - W. Chicago, IL - USA

4th Dimension slot machines are a bit different than you might be used to. There are a wide variety of these amusements and one of the current trendy ones is "Good Days / Bad Days". Winning a big Jackpot would be 3 Lucky Days! Glorious, all expenses paid days! In sharp contrast, however, is a "Losing Jackpot" (as seen above). "The 3 Unlucky Days"! This is a serious misfortune and can definately ruin a good vacation. Play at your own risk!  
Ed's return with his quizically mystical postcard style is happily recognized here on the Island. Thanks so much for the wicked cool card and glad to see you back in the 4th Dimension. 

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