Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Heebee Post #1073 - CrackerJack Kid (Chuck Welch) - Hancock, New Hampshire - USA

 Is the Kid inferring, with his note below, that this grim, dark, digital usurper image is that of the National Security Agency (NSA)? I just knew it looked something like this. "Pay no attention to the people behind the curtain. I am the great and powerful  NSA"! Dear God, we really don't worry about this sort of thing? Really?  I should have realized that the NSA is really the Sith - A sect of Force sensitives that utilize the Dark Side of the Force!
A happy New Year to you too Chuck. Love the peculiarities of the CrackerJack (or should I say FireCrackerJack Kid?) postage and that "Fluxus Free Zone" rubber stamping on the red batch. I had the impression that the CrackerJack Kid will be attending the Ex Postal Facto event in San Francisco in Feb. I dearly hope so, this is one artist I am dying to meet. Thanks for the always interesting correspondence - see ya in the mail.

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