Saturday, January 4, 2014

Heebee Post #1071 - Jas W Felter - Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada

Jas's impeccable work and style are displayed nicely in this Winter Solstice Cryptogram greeting card. There is an odd joyousness to it's celebratory configuration - making the winter seem like fun time! There is a grand universal appeal and a noble sense of a serious, yet lighthearted and earthy thoughtfulness - my point being illustrated above.

Also included was a random set of Artistamps (5) within a small glassine envelope. Postes Mraur - handsome and perfect, these Mraurovian signs and symbols won't leave your eyes alone. Fantastic!

Felter's body of work is quite extensive and impressive - Jas's immense wizardly world of Artistamps is amazing and really deserves a glimpse or two - Find it here: Felter Philatelic Phenomena.
A lot of fabulous pomp in this little flyer for "T'ortola Valencia - Modernism and Exoticism in Early Twentieth Century Dance". A book by Iris Garland. Along the line of  Isadora Duncan, the book's editor writes:"A dancer as significant  as any of the other legends associated in the west  with the evolution of modern dance".

The Iris Garland commemorative "Postes Mraur" seems poignantly dignified. I'm sure the late author would have liked the little commemorative depicting her interest.

I always find the exquisiteness of  Felter's intriguing creations sophisticated and clean - the craftsmanship rivals any Stampmaker in the world. The Northwest Wizard's Faux Philatelic Society is formidable with so much talent and Jas rides with the vangaurd of the worthy lot. Thanks Jas, needless to say, I love your stuff - See you in the mail soon!

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