Friday, January 17, 2014

Heebee Post #1077 - Parisi - St. Louis, Missouri - USA

 Parisi's debut in the 4th Dimension is an interesting collection of partial oddities. Is the genderless appearing person on the left having a major electric static hair day? It's pallor, not the healthiest. And that peculiar tunic is not the newest fashion. Wait a minute - is this supposed to be me? Oh, that stamped  "P" may indicate that it is Parisi itself. Has this person been washing dishes with his hair? The right side of the cartoonish card looks as if we are flying over Myanmar - which reminds me of "Mission of Burma" a 1979 Boston post-punk band that I loved. This song, from that band, seems to go nicely with Parisi's frenetic style. "Red".

Thanks very much for the postcard P. -- and the memory of the glorious past. Be seeing you in the mail soon my new friend.

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