Sunday, January 19, 2014

Heebee Post #1078 - Gunter Schwind (Art Tower) - Aschaffenburg - Germany

 This handsome close up of Gunter's "Head" grooming technique. These "Heads" are stacked together into a monstrous wall (1,300 or something like that) that can be a bit imposing. His showings are quite a wondrous site to behold. Great card my favorite cousin.
Gunter hopes to complete his Head Project this year - only 700 more to go! An ambitious target to shoot for.  Also, I should have to reluctantly admit, that as I spoke on the phone to Art Tower a month or so ago, I held his previous postcard, a really nice one of his, in my hand  telling him that I would post it next. Well, things don't quite always go as planned, here in Heebee Jeebeland and I, ah, err, kind of let it get sucked back into my considerable pile of unposted mail art. Like quicksand, it has become, for the while, lost. So, sorry dear cuz, I do remember it fondly though! Thanks and see ya in the mail! Art Tower Mail Art 

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