Sunday, November 6, 2011

Heebee Post #675 - Herman Kampuis - Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Herman continues to weave his unparalleled magic into his gorgeous 'other-world' creations. I am very curious about how these are actually made - Is he treating the colors somehow? Herman's fine work is in a category all alone. His pieces invariably have an odd sense of the eternal - as if the important retro parts of a bygone era live here immortally - having been captured in the dimensional bubble of Herman's world. Incredible work! Here, Herman creates a Fluxus Affair scenario with this lovely woman carefully adorned in a stunning floral wallpaper! Herman creates tiny universes out of his rich, breathtaking collages. The mail art world just cannot get enough of what Herman has to offer as this is the caviar of the Post Box. Thank you very much.

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