Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Heebee Post #239 - Brent Leopold - Camp Hill, PA - USA

"I got that old Post Heebee Jeebee Vacation Blues again". Yes, it's true folks - the only bad thing about a vacation in the 4th Dimension is the incredible longing to return.
The Happy Brain is always an enlightening ride . This new attraction on the Island enables it's patrons to actually behold their own brain. It's rather interesting to find out who's is the biggest - not that it really matters of course! (or does it......?)
A gorgeous example of what "Add and Pass" Art can become. This already is comprised of 8 different Artists and could easily be called finished, but I shall add my two cents and send it on. It is very nice to find Brent back on Heebee Island and everyone here would happily agree. Thank you very much my friend I love this stuff and it was fun to collaborate with you on that top picture. Hope you don't mind! Heh. You can find more from this Artist here: B-Art.

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