Monday, January 4, 2010

Heebee post #231 - Samantha Bragg - Colorado Springs, CO - USA

Lots of new faces at the Confuse-a-Tron Lounge these days. When you really think about it, all anyone really wants - is to be happy. Whatever direction that thought is taken - that end result is still desired. Everybody is, in fact, Human - right? The 4th Dimension, like San Francisco in the 1960's, is the final place to go for those who seek - that elusive dream..............
Everybody needs a break from the Storm. Heebee Jeebeeland does it's best to provide an antidote from the 3-D real world's vulture-like grip on the Mail Artist's mind. You are as free to be as you want to be here my friends. Oh, the great liberty of the 4th Dimension!
Samantha makes her debut on Heebee Island with her spirit releasing 4-D Art. She writes that this is her first Mail Art submission ever and that she would love to receive something to make her Mail Box happy. How about it everybody? Thank you very much Sam and remember, "Senders receive". Something in the mail for you very soon.

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