Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Heebee Post #644 - Field Study (David Dellafiora) - Geelong, Victoria - Australia

This titillating Fluxus Affair viewing card, sent in by long time Mail Art concept wrangler David Dellafiora, has a definite sexy (somehow) shape to it. Looks like one of them was "carrying the torch" for the other (note the burnt stick on the left) until they were finally together...... at long last! I know what you're all thinking: "Only in the Mail"! But I assure you , dear reader, that it can happen to you too!
Field Study is actually an International Mail Art Group that began around 1993. Since it's origin, members have participated in a wide variety of projects: performances, bookworks and installations. See their current "ReSite" project in the panel above. See the Field Study Int'l Mail Art site for more info.
Field Study 'notes': "Fluxus Resites itself". Was the clean-up for the recent riots in London actually an Art show? Hmmm.......interesting notion.
Seen above, is Field Study's "Kart - magazine of multiplicity" and "Wipe" projects - for your consideration.
I love the "Astro-Pop" look of the "Space as Crime of Passion" Valentine first day cover envelope that commemorates the love-crazed Astronaut who became entangled in a near deadly jealous love rage that abruptly ended her career with NASA a few years ago. Fantastic envelope David. Thank you very much and I shall be responding accordingly my friend!

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  1. Hi Test Tower
    Thanks for putting my card on your blog and thanks for the great mail art card received this week!