Sunday, August 14, 2011

Heebee Post #636 - Frips - Gent - Belgium

The long time veteran mail artist, Frips, triumphantly returns to the Affair with an entertaining bundle of mail art magic. I am just adoring the two likable characters adorned in their old fashioned bathing suits. Perfect summer Artistamps! I like that each individual stamp is enhanced slightly differently. Nice work - I love these guys!
Frips is also quite a photographer (Frips Photos) - taking the curious and turning it into other worlds that tell little stories to the imagination.
An assortment of Post Box goodies, including: Frips' trademark rubber stamping of herself looking very Fluxus in her delightful beret - An "United Eternal Network" Fluxus buck, originating from Ex Posto Facto in Texas. It seems to me that since IUOMA is so popular now, you don't hear the term "Eternal Network" anymore. I still like that term and consider that, in general, the United Eternal Network is more powerful and enduring than the IUOMA (which I also like very much). I guess they are two totally different things with the Eternal Network having been around for much, much longer with, blessedly, no structure or format.
Frips' love for the feline is evidenced by the many works she has created over the years, such as the one seen above and the kitty cat plate block of artistamps seen in the assortment above that. I am rather fond of cats myself and appreciate her feline musings.
I added onto this 'Add and Pass' and it will be shipping out very soon.
I have been exchanging art with Frips for years and must say that she is a very fun mail art friend to have. Her gorgeous envelope is sewn around the edges and she always manages to get that cool 'far away' look into the decoration. Thank you very much old friend. Frips mail art.

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