Monday, August 1, 2011

Heebee Post #633 - I'm a Super Hero, I can like fly and shit (Part #1) - Iowa City, Iowa - USA

I'm a Super Hero shows off his digital prowess with these three sensory visions from his 'far, far away hedonistic world'. They are glorious, sensual and Fluxus Affairian.
I'm a Super Hero continues his his visual assault with this 'party for the eyes' Lobster Rage Fist Affair.
Finally, the Red Lobster himself, looking appropriately like an cordial alien from another dimension. I see that the red ambassador is a ladies Lobster! These three cards are great!
I don't usually publish notes that accompany the art sent in (it's usually considered private), but this powerful and insightful mini manifesto regarding Fluxus, Mail Art and Art in general, should be seen by all. I'm a Super Hero makes a strong point here.
Zombies anyone? Everybody loves Zombies - well, almost everybody. If you are of the Undead persuasion, you should become involved with this super Zombie mail call: Mail of the Living Dead.
I'm a Super Hero is definitely a fun guy to do Mail Art business with. His interesting and entertaining layering technique fascinates the mind and he is quite prolific at it as well. You can find this brainy mail artist toiling away and pontificating at his usual lair: Super Hero Mail Art. Thank you very much and I'm sending somethings to you right away.

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