Sunday, July 28, 2013

Heebee Post #1030 - Kiki Desvaux - Paroy sur Tholon - France

 This suave and dapper looking Airman sure doesn't appear to have just crash landed in some remote wilderness.  Note his unflappable steely reserve as he uses the emergency wind-up generator radio to send out an "S.O.S." for rescue. This is the first time I have encountered a vintage  "Mecanique Populaire" although, I am quite familiar with it's American cousin "Popular Mechanics".  Incredible imagery. The muted color scheme somehow adds to it's pulp fiction adventure feel.

I really enjoy Kiki's distinctive carved rubber stamp - easily identifying the piece as from her.

Side B bears a footnote by Kiki, assuring me that the portrait, I'm glad to announce,  is not of herself. The confounding image is in fact,  a certain Mademoiselle Proudhon, July 23, 1875.  I couldn't help but to notice that her gown bears little resemblance to the French fashion of the time. Unless, it was a "Tea dress", inspired by the trade with the Orient.  Those dresses were not meant to travel outside of the home but, instead worn to, perhaps, receive guests for a Luncheon or Dinner party within your home. This observation leaves me to wonder if Mme Proudhon ever left her home.  Maybe I am completely wrong here and she was often seen gallivanting about town like a social butterfly. The curious card does a good job of making you wonder.  Thank you very much Kiki, great mail art!  See you soon, in the post!  Kiki's Mail Art.

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