Friday, July 19, 2013

Heebee Post #1026 - CrackerJack Kid (Chuck Welch) - Hancock, New Hampshire - USA

 The long time celebrated Mail Artist dons a mask of double identity to reveal his postal mischief portrait. The Kid has been stirring up Mail Art dust forever.  He was a member of  Ray Johnson's New York Correspondence School and is still producing his classy brand of mental mayhem in the present.  His "Darth Mailer" double portrait mask is deftly enhanced by the strategic placement of tiny, mixed media debris upon the surface, such as that eyebrow and red line. Since Chuck has declared this to be a "Double Portrait"and we examine it in that regard, I am reminded of the comedy/tragedy  "Drama Masks"of old.  And as the Drama Mask is the symbol for theater, the Kid's mask is his own handsome penumbra for his observations and participation in the genre over the years.  This is a large (A4) portrait mounted on poster board for durability. Chuck is an Ace at this.

Chuck acquired his "CrackerJack Kid" moniker from his going to the mail box each day and pulling out his prizes, as if it were a CrackerJack Box.  I like the way he has left little reminders of this by adding little remnants like this one onto his composition. Note the "All-American" feel.

 Another tell-tale clue in the same vein. As peculiar as his work can get, it always smacks of a jolly nature and that is a quality I always admire.

Exchanging postal art with the kid has been and still is, a rich, rewarding experience for the 4th Dimension and, I'm sure, for anybody else that has had the distinct pleasure of it.
The reverse side, entitled "Ray Johnson's Dog bags bunny" is quite a sight. Is it just me or does that RJ bunny resemble the late Groucho Marx?  Anyway, thanks for the boffo art my friend, loved it!  I'll be sending something soon to your mail (CrackerJack) box.

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