Friday, July 26, 2013

Heebee Post #1028 - PC (TICTAC) - Starnberg - Germany

 Patrizia's Sunny Jim displays his positive aura in handsome stark silhouette.  Let me tell ya folks, I'm the first one to go on about the wonderful effect of living your daily life in the fashion of the above demonstration.  As if the perpetuation of goodness relies on such individuals.  Nice one PC.
 Some interesting features adorn the reverse side, including one of my favorite return address designs. Note the snail (the mail) fastened to the rocket. All the circular shapes are balloons, held desperately by a frantic young lady. Clever.
Also, within the the same envelope, was this expertly made "Quindi Islands" stamp booklet

Quindi Islands might be difficult to locate on your World Atlas, since it is the creation of Patrizia's.  The booklet includes three plate block sets of  faux postage - the block on one side with the adjacent page showing the "First Day of Issue" cancellation.

Inside the cover is this explanatory notation.

The special "First Day of Issue" stamping  - all three sets had this, as well as the plate block of the same stamp.

 The third set of stamps is particularly beautiful.  Fantastic work PC!
The back side of the little booklet's cover.  I have a growing collection of Patrizia's perfectly constructed stamp booklets and these are a "Special Edition" that are quite welcome to accompany that handsome group.

 The front of the thick envelope is a daredevil balancing act - love it!  Thank you so much PC, another stupendous philatelic adventure!  PC (TIC TAC) and check her imaginative fun site (TIC TAC FUN).
PS: I couldn't resist showing this "Manual Stat Counter" that appeared on the reverse side of the envelope! Hilarious! See you in the mail my dear friend!

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