Saturday, July 6, 2013

Heebee Post #1021 - Marcia Cirillo - Temple, Texas - USA

 There is just no stopping the fun and excitement of bare feet in the sand with the noisy surf, your favorite music and friends. Some summer days, huge crowds of normal people can sometimes become infected with the "Beach Party Syndrome" and the mirthful pandemonium is on. Marcia's incredible postcard warns us to "Stay inside" if you are not of the Beach Party Invasion persuasion!
 Heebee Jeebeeland loves Marcia's fanciful postcard concepts and this card is really a splendid specimen of her work. This reverse side, besides the kind note (thanks), features one of my very favorite postage stamps:

I suppose, that if there was one particular U.S. postage stamp that represented the Test Tower spirit, it might have to be this one. Simple and bold, this 1967 "Voice of America" 5 cent stamp was enhanced even further by Marcia's hand drawn addition to the base of the tower. Thank you very much Marcia for the great card. Hope your vacation in the 4th Dimension is a happy one and see you in the mail.
PS: We were just at the beach, having a wonderful time in the fabulous weather, and I remember wondering if you folks realize that you can take your vehicle right out on the great expanses of the sandy shoreline of western Washington.  I must say, it's rather sensational!  Yes, that's my adventuresome Subaru - these beaches are so vast, you can always find plenty of space to relax in. Ah, blessed summer........

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