Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Heebee Post #1025 - Valery Shimanovsky - Nizhekamsk, Tartartstan - Russia

 Valery's Voodoo play doll makes for a terrific 4th Dimension postcard. Curiously, I kind of want to stick a needle in it and see if the image is of me. I have been exchanging postal art with Valery for years and I must say, you never know what this flamboyant artist will come up with but, you can always expect it to be fun and amusing.  Well folks, I've just punctured the image's neck with a long pin and I feel fine - in sharp contrast to someone, somewhere, who is writhing in bewildering agony.   Guess the image isn't of me!

I like perusing the Russian Mail Art blog sites. The art sent to each other within that country can be astounding.  Here, Valery's rubber stamping of his likeness is a wonderful demonstration of the good nature his art invariably takes. "Down with language barriers"!  I'm with you on that Val.

 I can determine from the date on this back side of the card, that it took over a month to arrive in the USA.  As far as I can tell, this is the longest duration of travel for mail in the world.  Good thing Mail Artists are a patient lot.  Just for the record, since I am on the subject, the Canadian postal system takes nearly as long - and Canada is only a 100 miles or so from here!  Please don't get me wrong here, I am more than a little grateful for the service they provide and it wouldn't be fair not to include that Russia and Canada are both incredibly vast in area size.

Russian postage stamps have held my admiration for my entire life.  This particular, almost tiny, series is another good example of their gifted talents. These animals appear in a simple nobleness,  in a spectrum of vibrant colors. Thanks Valery,  love your Voodoo-ish spectacle.  See you in the mail! Valery Shimanovsky Mail Art.

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