Saturday, June 29, 2013

Heebee Post #1020 - Cascadia Artpost (Jack Lattemann) - Olympia, Washington - USA

 I've received this gorgeous "Plate Block" or "Mini Sheet" with backing postcard as a sort of herald for the entire majestic sheet, which arrived shortly thereafter. The story-telling photos were taken by Jack as he spent a month traveling in Europe in 2005.

All of the little lovelies warranted a closer inspection, as each holds a daydream inside of it and each very nicely reproduced in this delicate format. This is Picture #59 on the sheet. Trail gate, Mamean ("The Pass of the Birds"), Maumturk Mountains, Connemerra, County Galway, Ireland

Jack's attention to detail is fun and classy - a combo that works fabulously for the Artpost.

 This unusually interesting sign hangs over a storefront entrance in Riga, Latvia. The reverse side of the postcard is picture # 4 on the sheet. You can read the legend of what each photo actually is here: Cascadia Artpost.
 After the postcard, this arrived a few days later.  The entire Artistamp sheet of "66 Memories". Exquisitely created with beautiful detail and typography for official appearing enhancement.

I noted this small feature on the right margin.  At least one of these sheets went to the "Ray of Light" Mail Art Project by Edition Janus in Berlin this year.

I love the way Cascadia Artpost  adds this bit of an expediting sticker and cool rubber stamping to hurry the large envelope to it's 4th Dimension destination.

What a great double treat from one of the current elite wizards of the Mail Art realm.  Spectacular work Jack, thank you very much.  Sixty-six Memories that sure look like great ones! See you in the post! Cascadia  Artpost.


  1. Love those stamps. I must figure out how to make stamps!

  2. Hi Rachel - As stamp maker extraodinaire Jas Felter once mentioned to me: "Stamps are a little more esoteric than postcards". In my humble opinion, stamp making is a notch or two higher up in the skill department than postcard creation. I think most artistamp wizards would readily agree.

  3. hmmmmmmmm. ill see what i can come up with in the next few months....