Monday, June 10, 2013

Heebee Post #1008 - DADANAUTIK - Bremen - Germany

 DadaNautik became involved with a Lotro Poku "Add and Pass" and sent it on to the happy pastures of the 4th Dimension. Along with the composition is a bold declaration from the rough and ready artist. And we both have the fortune of knowing Lotro (Lothar Trott) to mutually thank for our meeting.
 DadaNautik's cool rubber stampings from the reverse side of the envelope. The round stamping on the right is peculiar. Was soll das? (What is this?) indeed.
The appealing decorated envelope really piqued my interest as to what it's contents might be.  Great look to it. Thank you very much DadaNautik.  I have already sent something off to you - hope you enjoy it as I am looking forward to some exchanges.  See you in the mail.

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