Saturday, June 22, 2013

Heebee Post #1016 - Bruno Chiarlone - Cairo Montenotte - Italy

 This remarkable postcard is actually an altered photograph of the momentous occasion of Bruno meeting with the revered Japanese Mail Artist Ryosuke Cohen.  They are posing in front of the fabulous portrait Ryosuke created of them both while visiting the Italian artist.  Ryosuke's work is highly regarded in the Mail Art realm and are considered as serious works to be collected and adored in a frame on the wall (at least I frame them).  There is something about the seriousness of which Ryosuke conducts his business that I admire greatly.  A powerful and gentle spirit, Ryosuke Cohen continues his "Brain Cell" issue production on into the future. Great card Bruno!

Cohen's tranquil discipline in his approach to his work as he creates "Brain Cells" is refreshing to behold - like a Tai Chi master with his graceful precision and determination. Want to know more about Fractal Brain Cell creation? Check Here: Official Site: Ryosuke Cohen.

Thanks for sharing that moment with us Bruno - it must have been memorable! If anybody is worthy of respect in the mail art biz, it's gotta be Ryosuke - Thanks again Bruno and see ya in the mail . Cavellini 2014!

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