Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Heebee Post #1019 - RCBz - St. Clown, Minnesota - USA

 "Die Tanzerin des Pugilismus" (The Dancer of Boxing). I'm always amused to hear Boxing refered to as  "The Sweet Science". Well, the Sweet Science sure gives the term "Eye contact" a new meaning - as seen above.  Roy's incredible seamless photo engineering is nearly peerless in the Mail Art realm and his newest offering is certainly a testament of that. The stark background really enhances the catatonic loneliness of this young female that has just been in the ring
The reverse side has Roy explaining about an excerpt from Susan Cahn's "Coming on Strong: Gender and Equality in 20th Century Sports", regarding a historic 1876 public Boxing match between a pair of women - with the winner to claim the valuable prize, a silver butter dish, seen on the bottom left. According to Roy, this was considered the first Women's Boxing match in the USA. Also featured on this side is this grand fellow:
This is one of my all time faves. I remember collecting it as a child. Although I have never attended a World's Fair, I have always held a strong desire to do so. This particular World's Fair, with the creation of the "Space Needle" and other wonderful inventions, was astounding for me to read about in 1962.  Now, I see this marvelously imaginative structure on a fairly regular basis and it still is inspiring to me. I guess I'm rather grateful for what's left of the child in me. Thanks Roy, for the eye opening card! See you in the you know what!

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