Sunday, June 16, 2013

Heebee Post #1012 - Coralette Damme (The Crafty Hag) - St. Petersburg, Florida - USA

 A "Happy Summer" card from Coralette in fabulous, sun drenched St. Pete.   Above we see  the Crafty Hag's cryptical map depicting her triumphant upheaval in changing her address within the same city.  I can't help but to recall a calamitous household move I made in the late seventies. I was living in San Francisco on Sutter St near the corner of Jones St.and I was moving to another apartment one block to Bush St. and Jones - one block that was straight uphill, arguably the steepest angled street in SF. Well, a moving van seemed impracticle for such a short distance - So, we carried everything up the confounded hill. Ugh! The worst move ever! Hope yours was less stressful, my dear Hag.
I like the invariably friendly spirit of Coralette's Bug jots. This smiling fellow, who seems to be wearing a Fez, sure is delighted to offer up an afternoon tea.. I've got your new address my friendly Hag, and shall be occupying your mail box soon   Happy Summer Coralette!  Dread Lippencott's Menagerie.

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