Monday, June 24, 2013

Heebee Post #1018 - Stan Askew - Pasadena, California - USA

This handsome postcard from Stan pays a great deal of homage to Teddy Roosevelt - If he is looking a bit stoney faced, it's because this is his Mt. rushmore depiction - in all it's glory.

Ronnie never looked better - that smiling fellow next to him may have though. Anyway, this is a fabulous snap of the Ex-President.  I wonder what he would think, having been apprised of the current state of affairs in the White House today?
 Stan often includes some vintage linen postcards with his Mail Art packages and he didn't fail to include a couple of amazing specimens this time as well.  Here is Guilford Lake, Ohio, depicted with much more mystique than is actually there - although, in all fairness, it is a beautiful spot but, this postcard transcends it's natural beauty. Nice one Stan - though the one below is the real show.
 Wow, what an awesome postcard - Vintage linen, like it's mate seen above.  The Los Angeles Chinatown has never looked better or friendlier than it does right here.  What a remarkable card!
Also included were these two showcards - the one on the right is for the late Levon Helm who played drums and sang for The Band for so many years. You can know more about Levon here. Levon Helm video. 

Thanks very much for another stupendous package Stan. It's always a fine day when the accomplished Askew hits the mail box here, in the 4th Dimension.  And Stan, something is already on it's travel to you. See you then old boy! See more of Stan's work here: Stan Askew Photos.

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