Friday, June 14, 2013

Heebee Post #1010 - Bethany Lee - Fleming Island, Florida - USA

 Bethany Lee joins the fun here, in the 4th Dimension, with this lovely ethereal Artist Trading Card. It is somehow incorporated onto a standard playing card. It is a magnificent card and , frankly, I can't tell how she made it. The aura of haunting Sea Captain is captured nicely - one of the best ATCs I have ever seen.  Check out the reverse side below:
 She has somehow managed to print directly onto the card - That is, I think that's how she made it - It really is exquisite - and classy!
 A second ATC was included - This one has lil' ol' Bethany Lee standing next to a curious looking planter. This is in response to my sending her a certain commemorative postcard last month.
 She also sent in these handsome stretcher bearers to compare with my "Screw it" stretcher bearers - Seen in the stamp I made in the left top corner. Interestingly, all of these stretcher bearers look very much alike.
 This terrific envelope is just festooned with an entertaining  mix of killer rubber stampings and super artistamps.

This "Tiki Post" stamp is very much Heebee Jeebee and should feel right at home here. It seems to emit that 4th Dimension Island vibe we dig so much here.

And this interesting stamp looks to be a Mail Box Wurlitzer!  Love it. Thanks very much Bethany Lee - I like the enjoyable wavelength you seem to be on. A great sense of fun and wonder!  Be visiting your mail box soon. And folks, her blog is charming and well done: PoeticPaper Post.

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