Friday, June 21, 2013

Heebee Post #1015 - Rachel Carter - Mason, Michigan - USA

 Looks like Rachel is dabbling with a dangerously unstable "Collage Chemistry Kit" with her volatile "What is the secret?" postcard. I'm afraid that whatever the secret is, it isn't revealed in this cryptic development. It certainly is entertaining though, as we pique our minds with what the secret might be.  Those spuds look like they may know, as they flap their unappealing appendages in glee!
The spud that knew too much.  His steady diet of the secret was overwhelming and exhausting as he wipes away a tear with an arm like a burnt match.  Rachel's busy card is a little unsettling for a reason that is tough to nail down, as I'm sure she meant it to be.  Great card once again. Thank you very much and I will be visiting your mail box soon!

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