Thursday, June 20, 2013

Heebee Post #1014 - Sky City (Lord Fugue) - Hickory, North Carolina - USA

 Sky City checks into Heebee Jeebeeland with this unusually troubling evidence.  Connecting the dots here may not be for the squeamish, in view of the buzzing hand held device, the alarmed Simian victim and who knows what's emerging from the closet dungeon!  Yipes!

The reverse side of Lord Fugue's sordid frolicking included this lovely adornment. "Building a dream, one robot at a time". Sweet.  Scott's artistamps can be rather intensely ornate as is this great specimen seen here.

As fiercely playful as the postcards Lord Fugue creates are, the reverse side of the card reveals his more sensitive side. His note states that he has recorded some more songs - I sure would like to hear them. Scott and I have similar tastes and I have heard his earlier CD and loved it. Thank you very much and see ya in the post!

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