Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Heebee Post #1009 - Connie Jean - Cocoa Beach, Florida - USA

 Connie Jean returns to Heebee Jeebeeville with this snap out of time at her local Post Office. When I mention "Out of time", I mean that it is nearly impossible to ascertain if this snap was taken recently or back in 1948. It is a great illustration of  mundane Americana that, of it's own volition, is interesting because of it's candidness - allowing us to view it without it without any 'staged adornments'.  The real mood of the moment is captured nicely.  Nice card CJ.
With my penchant for all things goofy, I just love the confounding "Skunk Ape".  What a notion!  Connie Jean's obviously having a lot of fun with her Mail Art proficiency as indicated by the light-hearted antics - particularly, that rubber stamping of Snow White holding the American postcard stamp (an apple). Thank you very much Connie Jean and see you in the mail.

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