Friday, June 7, 2013

Heebee Post #1006 - Mailarta, Queen of Poste - Victoria, British Columbia - Canada

 I thought I might show the outgoing card to Mailarta that I am sending off tomorrow in response to her noble quest to become "Canada's Autograph and Portrait Queen".  I have seen her collection of Mail Artist's portraits when we met at AARPEX  in Seattle last November, and it is considerable.  I am sorry to report that it has taken me until now to comply with the wonderful Dame's request to join that esteemed lot.  Please forgive.
 Here is the invitation I shamelessly put off until this evening.  Ah well, truth be known, I have always been reluctant, for some odd reason, to show many images of myself.  It is a rare occurrance indeed to have two of me in the same post as seen here.

This is the snap Mailarta took of me at AARPEX last year. I thought I looked like Elmer Fudd that day. Been out in the Northwest woods too long.  Thank you very much Mailarta, I appreciate your project very much and still hope to visit Studio J in beautiful Victoria in the future. Mailarta's Portrait Gallery.

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  1. Dearest Test Tower
    How delighted I was to get your mail today . . and to read your posting, noting the rarity of your image being shown I am flattered to have you on board. Many Thanks and I look forward to sending mail your way soon.
    Love and Laughter as always, Mailarta