Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Heebee Post #1129 - Larina Lager - Heerenven - Holland - The Netherlands

 Looks like first time Heebee Jeebee  Hollander:  Larina Lager is putting the magic finishing touches on a combination of lettering that ensures this colorful card's arrival into the 4th Dimension. Quite nicely done as it has a definite "Fluxus Affair" appeal.
 This busy " Gas Station at Heebee Jeebeeland" , as it is referenced by Lorina, seems to offer service packages that one can only wonder what exactly they consists of. Could be in for a bizarre bit of fun, that may include inter dimensional espionage - and of perhaps, Trans-Dimensional intrigue.

And check out these ultra cool Netherlands official Postage Stamps!

I always enjoy my heart being lifted by notes similar to the one Lorina included. I don't usually publish notes, they are too personal, But know this dear readers - She is quite enamored with the 4th Dimension and she also would like to receive my previous offer (post # 1128   ) of owning your own "Witch's Passport" just for the asking. That particular postcard was a Halloween Special that folks seemed to like immensely. There are more of the W- P's - If Anybody else would like one - just ask! Thank you for your works and the enthusiasm you displayed in your note to me, really made my day old girl....One Witch's Passport one the way - See ya in the mail.

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