Friday, October 24, 2014

Heebee Post #1128 - Brenda Perez - West Palm Beach, Florida - USA

 Pamela Perez wants to share the celebration for International Post Card Week.  I like the Childlike International feel it beamingly possesses - Not unlike "It's a Small World" at Disneyland! I'll be popping something into the Post today, for your collection. Fasten your seat belt for your "Witches Passport" from Heebee Jeebeeland. Any of you other dear readers can receive one in the Mail by merely asking for one. I have made about a dozen of these in the last couple of weeks and a fine addition to your Test Tower collection. Heh-heh.
 Thank you for the kind words and card, moreover, for making us aware of International Postcard week.

And furthermore: That, folks, is an Official USA stamp. Nice - Way to go USPS!  And thanks a lot Brenda, for carrying the postcard torch and waving the art banner around the world!

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