Thursday, November 18, 2010

Heebee Post #456 - Katerina Nikoltsou - Thessaloniki - Greece

"Winter must be cold for those without warm memories". A memorable line from the fine romantic film "An Affair to Remember". Another great submission from Katerina regarding this vintage cinematic classic. This film must have really gotten under her skin - I know it got under mine.
More "Alexander the Great" booklet art. Katerina sends in her 8 page 'module' to combine with the other 10 or so participants of this Mini-Artistbook. She actually lives where an ancient Alexander ruled!
The two center pieces of her 8 page installment. With the amount of artists involved (13 now I think), these separate editions combined will make a fat and sturdy little booklet. I have finished my 'chapter' and shall send them out tomorrow.
This postcard was sent out separately from Istanbul. Katerina sure gets around! That car that is encircled with a heart was a popular 3-wheeled auto during the 50's and 60's in Turkey.
Always a pleasure Katerina. Thanks very much and something soon in the post for you! Find this likable Artist on her IUOMA page.

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