Monday, November 22, 2010

Heebee Post #458 - Elaine the Librarian - Albany, New York - USA

Hi Elaine, welcome to the Affair. Nice of you to bring your little friends for a tea party - and a handsome bunch they are! That is tea in their cups right? - They look a bit indulgent!
The Affair has a certain affinity for Librarians, so it is a double pleasure to have you here Elaine. This work is cryptically entitled "Degasso Doiley". Is that from the word degas - like take the gas out of something? That thought gives this postcard an interesting perspective. Thank you very much Elaine!

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  1. "Degasso" was a hybrid of Degas and Picasso. I went to an exhibit at a nearby art gallery that was comparing the two artists' drawings of women/nudes and how they borrowed from and influenced each other. The heads are from the handout from that exhibit.