Monday, November 22, 2010

Heebee Post #459 - Satu Kaikkonen - Vesilahti - Finland

I am quite delighted to announce the arrival of Satu at the Affair. Her 'Visual Poetry' is like a newspaper from another dimension. There is something a little bit sensual about the work seen above. A lithe figure in the throes of desire? - Or have I been working at the Affair too long? Nevertheless, it is a striking and beautiful piece and I just can't get enough of whatever it is she is serving here. Love it!
Here, Satu's 'Visual Poetry' takes on a more monumental effect. These Fluxus 'Glyphs', as other worldly as they seem, bear a sense of importance and meaning - just beyond the observer's ability to decipher, but do hold a feeling of profundity for those sensitive enough to feel them. Excellent!
We just love having Satu here at the Affair. These works are large, just under 'A4' size, beautifully fashioned and crafted and they really take you away to another world. Thank you very much Satu, these are spectacular! Everything this Artist does is fabulous. Check her out here: Satu's Visual Poetry. See you in the mail!

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  1. Vispo in the mix of the Fluxus Affair - fantastic! This is really unusual work by Satu. Amazing blog - don't know how you do it. Now there's Arttower and there's Test Tower... can't keep at all straight, but thanks.