Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Heebee Post #469 - Marcia Cirillo - Mckinney, Texas - USA

It's great to have Marcia return to the Affair - especially with this extraordinary Fluxus romance going on. "Breathe out , so I can breathe you in...." - I'm reminded of that line in a Foo Fighters song from 5 or so years ago. I always considered that unusual line to be quite romantic for some reason. What a superb postcard!
A school of carved fish prints swimming freely in a sunset colored sea. Nice - Adamandia would have loved this one. In fact, I was just over to her "A Fishy Requisite" mail art site and saw one very similar from Marcia there. Very cool!
Marcia's envelopes are terrific. Adorned with interesting detail and postage stamps that are literally 'out of this world' - Like the 2000 "Virtual Reality" and the 1967 pair of "Gemini 4" spacewalk and capsule stamps. Very nice. And the fateful "Fluxus Affair" about to occur in the lower left corner. Yeah! Also, I would be remiss if I did not mention the the ball-point pen addition - in the upper left hand corner: "Transmit to now". Gotta love that!.
The clever Marcia is also known as Fifi LePew (see above). Very glad to have you here for another visit Fifi. Great stuff - thank you very much! Marcia has a new mail art blog recently started: Fifi LePew Mail Art. See you in the mail!

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