Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Heebee Post #470 - Nicol A. Kostic - Toledo, Ohio - USA

Nicol enters into the Affair in grand fashion with 7 nicely crafted and clever postcards. Phenomenal ! The above is my favorite of the group. Capturing a Dada flavor, it is a reference table for the "Horizontal Comfort Index". A fantastic card!
What a tremendous effort Nicol has made for the romantic side of Mail Art!
I know that Nicol, being from the 'Beat' generation, can recognize and have fun at the mundane aspect of domestic life - yet also recognizes that " It's better to have old, second hand diamonds than none at all" (Mark Twain).
And these beauties as well. Looks like Fluxus valentines Isis and Osiris on the left - great job! The card on the right is a fabulous cryptic Fluxus message. That makes 7 super cards! ......And after the seventh card, she rested.....
Nicol, we here at the Affair salute your lessons in wisdom regarding the commonplace and more esoteric forms of romance - "The offspring of love". Nicely done old girl. I shall be visiting you in the mail my friend and thank you very much!

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