Monday, December 27, 2010

Heebee Post #499 - Arnoldia - Pondidia International (Lynn Palmiter, Jr. and Elizabeth Zois - Her Grace, The Dak of Droll) - Troy, New York - USA

Nice to see the dynamic duo of Lynn Jr. and the Dak having fun, here, on the Affair. Together they produced this lovely Winter Solstice "Pepper Mirth" postcard. The Winter Solstice marks the exact moment when the days stop becoming shorter and begin to get longer again. These peppers sure seem to enjoy that fact!
The Affair really gets a kick out of these two inseparable Mail Artists. Beautiful Artistamps adorn the reverse side as well as the "Up, Down, Here and There" rubber stamp that appears on their combined efforts - love that stamping. The Solstice is a great thing to celebrate - especially when everybody is getting a bit tired of those long. long nights. This year it occurred on the 21st of Dec. at 11:58 PM (in the Northern hemisphere) and is the reversal of the lengthening of nights (and so, is the shortest day of the year). Thank you very much you two. Will be seeing you in the post my friends.

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